Reduced movement

I noticed I haven't really felt my baby move today. Usually when I lay down, he does tumbles but I haven't noticed it today so I drank a glass of orange juice as that is something that makes him move about, yet all I got was a slight move. Whatelse can I do?
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My baby was not moving much towards the end of my pregnancy and he’s the healthiest little boy, however you need to go to the hospital so they can do a CTG x

Definitely go and get checked over they would rather you go and get checked if any signs of reduced movements x

The same happened to me when I was 7 months pregnant. He usually moves after I eat and on that day, he wasn’t moving much. Went to the hospital just to be sure and everything was fine. If you have any doubts, best to go have your baby checked and monitored 😊

Definitely go to your maternity unit, I went after a day of no movement and they actually told me off for not coming sooner even though everything was fine, better to be safe then sorry always!

With my first I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel much movement but I got it checked out everytime and when on the monitor he would move around like crazy lol

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