Just been prescribed cyclizine. Has anyone else been prescribed it and does it work?
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I was prescribed it but was confused as it stated on the leaflet not to take if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or planning to become pregnant. I’ve decided not to take it and use my expert midwife ginger melts instead just for my own peace of mind. I’ve read a lot of people taking it though.

I am taking this for the last week, doctor prescribed and said it’s safe for pregnant mothers. It’s definetely helping. I’d also recommend getting some travel sickness bands x

When my sickness was at its worst, cyclizine didn’t really work. But now that it’s naturally eased a bit, it definitely helps with my nausea so I guess it works best if your symptoms are mild. I’m careful when I take it though as they make me dizzy/half asleep so not the best when dealing with my toddler or work 🤣

Does anyone know how often you’re meant to take it? The GP said every mealtime so I took some at 12.30/1pm and another just now but after I’d taken it I looked on nhs website and it said to leave 8 hours between doses so now I’m worried 🤦‍♀️

I was prescribed it and told I could take it upto 3 times a day, as long as it was 8 hours between doses. It has really helped. To start I was taking it upto twice a day, now I take it once a day but am starting go longer between actually feeling unwell x

I’m currently taking it every couple of days when my nausea is at its worst. It makes me absolutely exhausted but after a few hours the worst has lifted. It’s meant I’ve been able to work when it wouldn’t have otherwise, so it’s worth it for me. Totally safe for pregnancy. Recommend the travel sickness bands too, they need to be pretty tight to work.

How quickly did it kick in for everyone? It’s not touched the sides for me yet 😅

Started to feel better after about 30 mins and then usually stopped feeling sick after an hour ish. The doctor did say it was a bit of trial and error though and if it didn’t work to go back & they’d try something else xx

If it’s not kicking in after an hour or so, you may need something stronger/different brand. Don’t settle - go back to them if you need more help

Unfortunately this made me 10x worse as the dizziness and lightheartedness made the room spin which made me more sick! Bad side effect for me but not for everybody

@Helena I only got them yesterday. Do you think I can call again today or should I wait and keep trying until Monday?

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