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Where do you take your 6 month old other than to a sensory class? I'm feeling awful that I really take him anywhere other than to the local supermarket and a sensory class 😔
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Libraries often do free music classes, also church groups do mum and tots usually for £1-2, also just a walk in the park

Im the same atm do odd groups but cant find many that fit around naps, have been trying to take swimming and splash park when its nice and the daily dog walks!

My baby loves garden centres 😂 she has recently started sitting so when the weather was nice we sat on the grass at the park to people watch. We go swimming once a week too

Don't feel bad mama! Babies like to people watch so coffee shops are good, walks around shopping centres, parks, picnic when the weather's nice, rhyme time at the library. We walk round the block or to the shops and look at all the interesting things on the way like the flowers in front gardens, cats, birds, planes. Bubbles 🫧 are good fun and they cost £1 in Poundland. Also check out other baby groups in the area like baby massage, baby yoga - check out happity. Also playing with giant bouncy balls are fun - again Poundland sell these. Plus babies love shaking toys like maracas 🪇 so check out musical instruments for babies like pianos, xylophones and bells they can shake. Sometimes just bringing a few toys and a blanket to the park or garden is enough can lay down and play!

...they like the novelty of things...rain makers, pressing buttons on books, singing old macdonald and being silly with it 😜 😄 walk around a toy shop like the entertainer and see what's around for ideas 💡. Ball pools are another fav and tunnels and tents once they get a little older ...just type in baby toys into argos or amazon and have fun exploring!

I take my boy to swimming classes once a week apart from that we go to church for the play and library for songs and rhymes. Otherwise I take him for long walks ☺️

Park (my baby loves trees and the wind), cafes, other shops. Agree with the garden centre as he liked the water feature section

Thank you all ☺️ this has been really helpful. I guess my issue is that when he naps, I run to do the house work so dont end up taking him anywhere. I need to snap out of this and get more active with him.

Plan ahead what you're going to do the next day or in the week and then do the housework in chunks like a load of washing before you go and the rest when you get back or after dinner. And on those days you haven't planned just go for a walk! xx

i brought bubbles for my little girl as she seemed to like in the baby groups that had them…my dog was jumping to catch them and she found it hilarious! 🤣 also if you have a garden when you have nice weather a little paddling pool, we got one for £5 and can always mix up different toys in the water. X

Nowhere for her specifically! Do things you like doing, you'll be happier and therefore so will they! Chill in the park on a blanket with a coffee (bring a few bits for baby) look at the flowers and trees ect ect! Go for lunch and share something with baby, walks! Shopping! They love it!

Library also

We go to hartbeeps (a sensory class) , a church playgroup, another local playgroup in a community hall, to a exercise class where you can take your baby with you and they play , swimming , soft plays (with my older child) But some days we just play in house, go for walks, enjoy the garden, starting to do some messy play in the house with him

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