Gift for the birth team?

Are you ladies going to bring any gift/treats for the birth team at the hospital? Would you give them the treats before or after they deliver the baby? I was thinking of doing a little treats basket with biscuits/snacks/tea bags etc, but I think I’d rather give them the gift when I go in and before the actual delivery of the baby, that way we might create a better and more positive bond with the team which will make the experience even better. Any thoughts or advice? Xx
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I bought the midwife that delivered my daughter a candle and a personalised midwifery mug with her name on as well as a card. I took it to the hospital about a month afterwards and she was very happy with it :). I then bought the triage ward loads of chocolates xx

@Kate this is EXACTLY what I have in mind 😍 did you put the basket together yourself or bought it from somewhere, it looks amazing? I will definitely do this, thank you. What did you write in the card if you don’t mind me asking? Xx

My husband and I went to the grocery store and were like feral children down the aisles throwing everything in the basket 😂. I used a big box I had received from my baby shower and just put some tissue paper in it to jazz it up a wee bit. I think I wrote something along the lines of “just a little something to show our appreciation for all you do” then signed our names xx

@Bethany oh that’s so nice. I would love to be supported by a midwife like that who will make the experience better and create a bond 🩷 x

I had a rough time with the birth of my daughter, she was born with a syndrome we didn't know about in pregnancy and I was so upset and traumatised. My midwife made sure I got my own room on the postnatal ward instead of being in a cubical full of other women and their healthy babies. It made a massive difference to not be put somewhere where I could see happy mums and babies, so I really wanted to get her something to say a big thanks! I also had an amazing student midwife with my first baby who is now my midwife for this pregnancy. She comes to all my consultant appointments and scans with me to support me 🫶. It's lovely when you meet midwives who you really gel with and they advocate for you. You hear so much negativity about the maternity services so when you are under the care of amazing midwives, it is special. It's so lovely to get them something in return! They love to recieve kindly written cards the most i think X

@Bethany thank you for sharing your story, that couldn’t have been easy 🥺🩷 you’re right, sometimes one person can make the whole difference in your experience. So far, I’ve been seen by different midwives each time, it’s difficult to create a bond with a person that you only see for 15 minutes. Most of the time they seem to be in a rush too and I’ve felt like I can’t ask many questions etc cos it’s causing an inconvenience 😔 xx

Oh that's rubbish! I think it's so important to see the same midwife throughout your pregnancy so that you create a relationship and you're comfortable to ask them anything. Is there any way you could contact the community midwifery team and ask them if you could have the same midwife each time? It makes such a difference, I'm sorry you're not having the best experience :(. Never be afraid to ask them questions! Xx

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