How quickly did you get the results?

I had my scan on Monday and had the combined screening tests done too. How quick did you get the results to know if you was low or high risk from the NT scan?
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Mine was high risk and took 11 days.... At st Thomas's hospital London...

Mine was low risk and it took 2 days to appear on badger notes xx

Mine was done on Monday too and I've heard nothing as of yet x

The report says sample taken on 30/4 and analysed on 30/4. However they somehow managed to delay the whole thing and called me back on 9/5... With high risk!!

I had my on a Thursday and got the results back on a Sunday and it was bank holiday weekend x

I had mine last Wednesday and got results Tuesday so within 6 days x

Mine took two weeks to come through the post, low risk x

Had my scan last Thursday and had the letter today to say low risk. For my hospital, they said they would call within 3 working days if a high risk result came back

Normally 3 days if High risk If it’s low risk it can take 10days

I had mine done on Friday and I'm still waiting on my results xxx

Mine was low risk and took 3-4 days to appear on Badger notes. Letter took longer.

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