Fed up 😩

I’m 40+1 now. I had a sweep yesterday and it went well. I have not really had discomfort. I have lost my mucus plug since waking up and have slight spotting and mild cramping. How long after have people gone into labour ? I’m booked in for an induction on Saturday (40+3) but hoping to go into spontaneous labour before then!
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I lost what I thought was my mucus plug 3 days before my 40 weeks. I had no other signs. I had to be induced at 41 weeks and 1 days😢. I hope you go into spontaneous labor. Do all those curb walking, sex, medicine ball, nipple stimulation…try it all. Do all the walking. I had tried everything except the sex😓.

That's exactly what happened to me I lost my plug early the morning after my sweep, had slight cramps, went for a walk and they ramped up! I had her later that day. Maybe try going for a walk if the cramps get worse it means they are contractions, good luck!

@Jodie thank you. We are now getting ready to call triage. Contractions are averaging out at 4 minutes 9 seconds ! And we are going in the day before our induction. The luck of it ! Xxx

@Jodie also congratulations on your little girl !!

Ohh exciting! Best of luck❤️ I actually went in for an induction the morning of the day I had her, but I refused it in the end! Defo was not needed 😂 i was only home 2 hours before i went straight back lol. Sounds like you may not need the induction anyway too! Thank you 😊

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