Hitting and pushing over younger sibling 😢

I’m actually at my wits end, I’m sick of shouting, calmly talking, trying time outs, trying breathing exercises- nothing is helping and I honestly feel like I’m going to go mad one day, just give up and that I’m in a shite parent. Please someone offer me ANY advice or insight?! LO is constantly standing on little brother fingers, ‘chasing him’ then standing on his legs and the new thing is, now that little brother has started taking steps, LO will just run straight into him knocking him right over. The worse thing is he does it everywhere- in the kitchen and outside, so younger one is constantly getting hurt and it breaks my heart. LO isn’t getting that he has to be gentle and that he’s hurting his brother. What am I doing wrong?? 😥😭
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I am going through this exact same thing right now with my LG, she is almost 3 but i feel like she’s going through the jealousy stage with my little boy she won’t share anything constantly pushes him he’s constantly got bruises all over him. What i do is to try and keep them apart for like 30 minutes give them one on one time with each parent it works some days, other days it doesn’t but I’ve tried everything as well it’s difficult but hoping she grows out of it tbh

Were the same here. Freddie has a brother that will be 2 in August and he will constantly charge at said brother. I end up just putting him upstairs for some calm down time then I swap them (brother goes upstairs and Freddie has some time alone with me) and it helps massively

Same here. 😅. She will hit, kick, cry constantly. Praying this phase is quick. A friend said I should show her instead of ‘don’t do this, stop,etc’. I will implement this tomorrow. 😂 I’m a bit conflicted because I want her to interactive but the baby pays the price for now.

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