Help! Baby wants contact sleep!

So my son has been wanting me to hold him through the night which is impossible because I have to sleep too. Last night he cried and cried he kept wanting boob even though I pumped and gave him a 5oz bottle. Needless to say I gave him boob and he throws up everywhere and starts crying again for boob so I didn’t give it this time because he’s obviously tired at this point and fighting his sleep. He didn’t calm down until I laid him on my chest. I usually just let him lay on me until he’s in a deep sleep then lay him down but I was so delirious I fell asleep too and I woke up sometime later with him still on my chest. I don’t want him getting use to this and I don’t want to risk falling asleep with him on me again. What can I do to get him settled without contact sleep?
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Look up the safe sleep 7. My first was like that and it saved my sanity.

My doctor also gave my info for safer bedsharing. Because your sleep/sanity is important for safety too. We've also been working on Side-lay nursing. At 5 weeks mines still a little small to do it comfortably yet, but with my older one it was a naptime game changer.

If he is just like this for a short time and not usually, then he is probably going through a growth spurt or something else and needs the comfort. During the day you can look into carriers or wraps. For sleeping, if you have a comfy chair recliner, I have layed myself in pillows so I'm comfy and out baby square on my chest to sleep. No pillows near baby and kinda did a wrap so wouldn't fall off me. I also don't move much in my sleep. Not a long term solution. But if it's just for a shirt growth spurt, helps you and baby get rest

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