Birthday ideas!

It’s my little boys 3rd birthday on the 22nd of June and I am looking for some present suggestions. I feel really stuck this year with what to get him! Our 2nd baby is also due on the 25th so our house is going to be a bit hectic so I don’t really want to go too crazy with presents but obviously still want to spoil him! Any ideas would be appreciated 🥰 TIA xxx
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Interested too! Our little boy is also 3 same day and we too are expecting baby no.2 this year. We got him at Xmas magnet tiles and he loves it, so thinking buying more and getting toppers that look like roads so he can get more imaginative with it

So this year I got him to choose what he wants so . 1. He wants to se dinosaur - so taking him to a dinosaur show 2. He wants swimming - so there is this inflatable park - bringing him there . 3. He wants to see Animal - so taking him to zoo 4. I normally take him to the toy shop and get him to choose some toys . But I will buy him - he is into like monsters etc - so just going to get him some monster things , tonies for his box , and some toys cause he needs some new toys for his age group - Smythys is my go to I normally choose when I get there xx

We’ve only bought a few bits as we’re planning a day at the zoo, but we’ve got the following: A Peppa pig play set (he’s Peppa pig mad) A dinosaur (T-Rex) A Hot Wheels Speedway Hauler 2 x age appropriate bath toys 2 x Julia Donaldson books I’ve asked others for a Peppa pig game, a portable football net & ball, some outdoor games and finally money to go into his account.

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