Sore boob breastfeeding

My daughter ebf she’s almost 9 months my right boob is hard and sore I’ve tried feeding her and it’s not helped at all! It feels lumpy too don’t know what to do ??
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It could be Mastitis, that’s how it started for me before the flu symptoms kicked in! If you contact your HV they should be able to advise you on what to do.

How old was your wee one? I thought that happened when baby was younger. I don’t breastfeed as much on side that’s sore mind you x

She would’ve been around 3-4 months old.

Sounds like blocked ducts, I had it last week. Give it a Google, it can turn into mastitis but if you keep feeding through it with some gentle massage usually clears up. There's stuff online as well about hot and cold compresses, I forget the detail

@Carole I’ve got a temp too and sore throat not sure if all related feeding is giving me no relief. My nipple looks all lumpy too x

Ibuprofen, cold compress (I used a baby sock filled with rice) or just wrapped ice and very very gentle massage. Continue feeding as normal, lots of fluid and rest.

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