Uncomfortable inner labia

Hello, I’m just over 9 weeks postpartum. I had a standard vaginal delivery and all went smoothly with no tears, etc. I did have to have the placenta removed in surgery as it didn’t detach properly. Anyway, I’ve had ongoing discomfort and my inner labia is looking slightly inflamed with what looks and feels like a tiny cut. It doesn’t sting when I use the toilet but it does in the shower with water. I’ve also had a little bit of mucus-like discharge after urinating. Has anyone experienced similar? What helped? At about 4-5 weeks PP, the pharmacist gave me a cream for thrush. At my 6 weeks PP doctors check, he prescribed canesten. I thought all was better but obviously not. ☹️
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You may need a stronger course of canestan. Try inserting a pessary at night for 3 days and use it alongside cream through out the day. Don’t use any soaps in the shower and avoid underwear at night to let the area breathe. (Not whilst using pessary though as it can be a bit messy). Your GP can advise you on this x

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