Has anyone’s babies had Covid?😢 I haven’t tested him but my dad positive so it’s more than likely that… he’s literally like a furnace, he has a high temp as expected, a runny nose etc but I’d say he is ‘ok’. I’m alternating between calpol and nurofen. NHS say if they feel ‘unusually hot’ to ring 111 then 999?!?!?! But I’m sure anyone would feel hot if they had a fever. I have no concerns about his breathing, colour or movement (touchwood) literally just his temp. Has anyone else had this? Heartbreaking to see him poorly.😫xx
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My bub had covid when she was 6 months, her temp stayed around 38-38.5. 111 said if it goes about 39 go to hosp. The on call dr also advised to go GP to ensure she wasn't dehydrated as she was only drinking 1/3 of her milk. GP was useless as always, she got annoyed for me being there and sent us away without barely checking. Just said to wait it out. Took my girl over 2 weeks to get back to normal, temp lasted 3 days, croaky voice and cough lasted about a week and loss of appetite was 2-3 weeks. She lost about 3 lbs during this time. Hope your little one gets well soon!

So far no cough or anything like that literally just fever/temp! (Touch wood🤞🏻) But still drinking and eating as well as normal and running around in his walker and pulling all my washing down bless him🤣 Glad your little one was okay xx

I had Covid and pretty sure my LG did too (we didn’t test but our GP said it’s obviously that). She was 5 months old and it was the first time she was properly ill. She just cried a lot in the night and had a temperature of around 38.5. We gave her Calpol and lots of cuddles but she was absolutely fine in the end. Hope your little boy gets better quickly but I wouldn’t worry if he’s only presenting flu symptoms x

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