What does everyone do during school holidays?

I've recently been made redundant and now have my 2 year old at home full time. I've noticed a lot of our standard weekly activities only run during term time (and not during school hols). Is this normal? Or am I missing something? Thanks, N
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Children centers sometimes still run classes, some playgroups still run, does your leisure centre have free play gymnastics? They are usually still running. Other than lots, lots of time spent outside enjoying the weather, library trips, farm trips etc

Interesting. It feels like the issue is most classes that are aimed at little ones are replaced with classes for older children, which isn't always suitable.

I think it's probably area dependent. Some classes run all year round and don't allow older siblings to join which causes issues for some and then some open their classes to old siblings and then that can cause issues for others.

Same where I live most baby & toddler groups run during term time only, except for the library they continue running their sessions during holidays. During holiday I usually take my 2 Yo to the park if it’s not raining or sometimes to affordable soft play areas or just try and have some fun and activities at home

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