Anyone else’s baby really struggling with naps? My little girl is seriously refusing to have any naps. It took me 50 minutes to get her down and she was absolutely shattered and overtired. Any ideas how to deal with these?
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When I stopped trying to make mine nap in certain places really helped! I now let her snooze off where she is if she’s comfortable I don’t place them in their cot for naps (probs frowned upon as not structured) but it works, they have great naps and drift off nicely when they’re getting tired themselves on the playmat or in their reclined seat x

Also! They go through a lot of sleep changes at this age, so just bare with her - she could be struggling with it and will come out the other side before you know it 🤗

@Jaz I tried to just leave her to snooze off and she was just screaming. I usually place her on the sofa (as I’m always sat on it) or in her little sleep near or on me and nothing was working this afternoon. She ended up falling asleep on me bunched up under a chunky blanket

I’m struggling with this too! Not so much the settling but my little will only nap for about 45 mins and she will not go any longer no matter what I try but from what I’ve read 45 mins isn’t long enough for them 😫x

@Ella My girl used to have 1.5-2 hours and now it’s only 20-50 minutes🥲 and at night she won’t go to sleep until 10pm-12am x

We’ve never been able to get our little one napping in any kind of routine!! The only place I’m guaranteed a nap from him is out a walk in the pram, which doesn’t help when I have a million things in the house to sort 🫠 in the house it usually takes me 30-45 mins to get him down, for him to have a 30 min nap. It’s exhausting 🥲

@Jess I try to get her down every 2 or so hours which doesn’t always go to plan. Only place in guaranteed a nap is on me or the car which I can’t be doing as she’s starting nursery in a couple of weeks x

I bought baby magnesium drops from Amazon- worked like a dream. She falls asleep so easily and stays asleep

@Ella hey, there’s nothing wrong with this it’s developmentally normal for this age x

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