My LB is 4 months on Saturday and he’s still not rolling? He’s been trying but not able to himself all the way over. He’ll get into his side and get frustrated he can’t do it. I’ve don’t the exercises that encourage it for a couple weeks now. Any ideas on how to help him.
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Just give him all the opportunities you can to allow him to do it. He’ll get there! My boy wasn’t doing it confidently until 6 months and was rubbish at going back to front. One day it just clicked and he rolled so much he rolled right off the bed in seconds 😂

My son is also 4 months and he's not rolling yet. I'm not worried as he will do it in his own time☺️

My son has only just started rolling at 6 months (5 months corrected). I’d really been concentrating on tummy time and building up his neck strength in the days prior. He then went from not rolling to rolling in one day. They all get there at different times. It will prob just happen one day when you least expect it.

My twin boys are doing things on a very different timetable. 7 months today and one isn’t even trying to crawl but he’s got 2 teeth in. While the other crawls, stands and side steps while holding furniture. 🤷‍♀️. The very active one has a driven to move personality and 55th percentile for weight. The ‘lazy’ one is 95th percentile for weight, a healthy chunky boy. So it’s hard for him to even get up into crawl mode. At 4 months one had already been rolling for a few weeks and the other one wasn’t rolling till about 5.5 months. Prop him up on his elbows and take a favorite toy over his head so he has to twist into rolling to follow the toy. Put toys around him just out of reach. Babies learn resiliency and persistence from striving and failing at things. Let them fail. I know it’s hard to watch. Celebrate successes!!

I would leave him until he’s able, my daughter couldn’t roll over at all as a baby but by 10 months she was walking and she’s 14 now never missed any other milestones. Some babies never crawl some never roll just monitor him and make sure there’s nothing else he’s missing that’s a concern x

My son is 6 months and just rolled from back to front 3 days ago. Don’t stress, just keep doing tummy time!

I think it’s normal for it not to happen until 4-6 months. Your LO is not behind or anything! Just keep giving him the opportunity and it will come 😊

That’s pretty normal as long as he tries lol

I did lots of tummy time, rolling exercises and lots of free play space with my two boys. Also placing toys slightly out of reach

My son didn't start rolling over till he was about 5.5 months

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