Belly fat

8 and a half months post baby and put walking making healthier food choices , but stubborn belly fat I was previously size 10 before baby now size 12 but stuff is still tight round my belly this is my third child and my belly seams to be staying after this one anyone any tips to help this I don’t like the gym , x
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I have a pretty big mum pouch after my 2nd baby whos 7.5 months old. I’ve lost loads of weight but I have a 1 finger separation which is I think why my belly fat is the way it is. I calorie count (as I did before pregnancy) and I am making sure to burn around 600 cals via exercise a day which is either long walks or my exercise bike as well as core exercises to try to heal my ab separation. I’ve lost 35lbs since Feb but yep my Belly fat doesn’t seem to be budging but everything else has so I feel your pain x

Yoga is pretty good to tone your core muscles and not just those sitting on top. I find it very relaxing and destressing, I go to a class to have some me time in the evening. But if that’s not an option on your tube there is a lady called Adrianna who is brilliant. I’m chipping away at my belly fat as well after this 2nd c section xx

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