One After Another..

Anyone else recently experiencing death in the family almost constantly? I lost my Nana in August of 2022, my husband lost his grandpa in October of 2023, I lost my papaw in February of this year, and today we lost my husband’s grandma. This has been so rough on us and experiencing it while pregnant is harder than I ever imagined it’d be. 🥺
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Death is hard on all of us it’s never easy to say goodbye to our loved ones especially especially while pregnant praying for strength for your families as you go through this difficult time of bereavement

@Katrice M thank you so much I truly appreciate it💕

Yes I’ve lost 4 family members in 2024 already my dad included

@Drucilla Johnson no problem luv

@Brionna prayers for you as well

@Brionna I am so sorry for your losses I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that’s been especially all at once like that. Praying for you💕

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