Missed period

So I know you’re not suppose to look after 10 minutes but I peed and tested. Then got really busy. It’s been like 2 hours… this has to be an evap line… but I feel like evap lines look different? My period was due yesterday
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Can you take another?

Do you have another test? That looks more like a positive test than an evap line to me

Try clear blue digital it’s tells you if your pregnant and how many weeks I used the clear blue digital told a was pregnant and it’s a was 3+ pregnant x

Looks positive to me

I would take another to double check

I have had evap lines like that but later in the day when I’ve seen it in the bin. Digital are less sensitive so if testing early (you may have ovulated later maybe), I’d get a FRER and test FMU and read within the time. Let us know! And good luck!! Xx

Its so hard to tell. It’s also hard because I’m assuming your left was your first of the morning, which I always found was darkest. I would test tomorrow first thing and check right after. Good luck!

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