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Some of you may remember my little June girly due on the 6th, well she's now 6 weeks old (born on the 2/4/24. We finally bought her home on Saturday. I'm finding it odd that she should still be in my tummy but she's here and doing very well 🥰 she's now 4lbs6oz 💜🤍
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So cute! 😍

I loved your previous post. We have the same due date and when you said “if anyone is 32 weeks this is what your baby looks like…” 🥹

Aww!! My little girl is around the same weight at the moment! But shes still snuggled up in my tummy! Its always lovely to know how they look if they were in your arms right now. Im sorry you didn't get to spend more time with her in your belly, but my god! Your lucky to have her to hold! Cant wait to hold my own.

Glad she's finally home with you xx

So precious 🥹

So precious 🥺🥺💕

So cute 🥰 Glad she’s home & doing well.

Such a cutie and a strong little one xxx

Premie ❤️momma. My lo was born 3lbs 2.4oz at 32 weeks. He’s now 1 and 18 lbs. It’s a journey but hang in there. She’s beautiful and you’re both blessed to be here to tell the story. Sending 🤗

My baby girl will be 4lbs/5lbs when she arrives on the 10th June at 37 weeks. What a precious baby yours is, thank you for sharing 💞💞

🙏🏾momma @Dreia ofc babies are truly a blessing!

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