Advise needed - what would you do?

My sister in law who has been working for last 5-6 years (she is younger than me) wants to come visit us in London from another country. We have a 6 months old and I went to work a few weeks ago and currently bearing the burden of very expensive child care so I can go work without worrying about the well being of my baby. Now my sister in law wants us to buy her tickets and visa - she says she will pay back but I doubt. I told her the truth that we are living pay check to pay check and can’t really afford to even loan her money. I can take out some but I know I won’t get it back and I really need to think about my child and my wellbeing. What would you do in my situation?? :) would you still help or say no. She only wants to visit for leisure as she has already met the baby when I visited my home country.
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Absolutely not- travel is a luxury not a necessity!

No way! If she wants to visit she should pay for her own travel?

Not a chance!

Absolutely not! Put yourself and your family first. It’s not your responsibility to pay for her travel and if she wants to visit that much, she should find a way to pay for it! Just my opinion 👍🏻

No way!

No your top priority is yourself and your child. Like on an aeroplane, you put your own face mask on first and then your child' can not look after your child well if you are worrying about money and dealing with additional stress.

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