My 2 year old is hitting whenever I tell her no or for the first time yesterday when I was brushing her teeth 😭 I know it’s a part of development but I’m lost on how to help it or stop it? I tell her not to hit but that gets me nowhere. I’m overstimulated already and the hitting is a lot on top of her head butting me. Please help
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It’s so scary to see in person and overwhelming! What we do with our daughter is say hands and she will put her hands in mine and I gently squeeze so she focused on the feeling( kinda like the rubber band methods if you have anxiety) and then I’ll say give me eyes which means eye contact then we take deep breathes together until she’s calm. Once she calm we talk through it or try too. Now when it’s really bad and that doesn’t work . I’ll sit on the ground and bear hug her , gently squeeze her body and rock her . It’s a lot but both methods work for her and importantly calms me down too. If you’re not calm then she won’t be so if you need to take a second walk away breathe in and out slowly then approach her again .

@Synthia Thank you! I love this method and I’m definitely going to try it. I appreciate your response ☺️

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