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I’m 36+5 today and I had my midwife appointment earlier. Baby boy is measuring almost 4 weeks behind so she referred me for a growth scan. I had a call from the hospital not long ago asking me to come in on Sunday (I’ll be 37+1). Has anyone else had a growth scan at this stage? If so, what happened? What did they decide? Did they decide to induce or?
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I had a growth scan at 37 weeks and he is measuring small so I've been told it's best to induce at 39 weeks because beyond that, they don't know if the placenta is doing it's job (apparently the placenta has an expiry, which I didn't know😅) So I'm just trying all the natural ways to encourage labour before 39 weeks 😭

@Elena hope it all goes well for you and baby comes before then!

this is exactly the same as me! i was 36+6 at my midwife all yesterday and been booked in for a growth scan this sunday as he’s dropped from the 98th centile to just over the 50th x

@Chloe thank you 🙏🏼 do you know what centile your baby is weighing at?

@Millie no way! Baby boy has been just under the 50th centile and he’s now dropped to the 10th x

@Elena I’m measuring on the 10th centile now, that’s why I’ve been referred. He’s been just under the 50th the whole way through x

@Chloe yeah so I believe anything under 10th centile they recommend induction. Mines only 8th centile 😟 so he's a small boy! Wishing you all the best 🙏🏼 x

@Chloe she did say to me that it could be because he’s engaged and she can’t get a full measurement as he’s behind my pubic bone so it may be the same for you x

With my third I was induced at 38 weeks because she was measuring small, thankfully a sweep the day before and then when at the hospital, having my waters broken was enough to bring on labour! Can't remember if they had to insert the pessary or not 😅😊

In my first pregnancy my last growth scan was at 36+3 and once her weight was plotted that determined her induction date, as it was already planned to happen. They may discuss an induction with you dependent on where baby is plotting.

@Millie I’m hoping that’s all it is x

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