Im traveling to visit family it hasn’t even been a week and my husband already cheated 😭 how to forget? I have a 3 month old and I had everything together until now I don’t want her to grow up without her dad but this is not the first time he’s done this and at this point I would just look goofy if I go back to him
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I mean, I wouldn't stay married to him. But cheating isn't a deal breaker for everyone. That said, if it is for you- time to do what you need to prepare for a divorce. You don't need to hurry. Get your finances in order. Let your family know now what happened, so they can support you. Arrange alternative housing. Start documenting things he does that would give you a case for sole custody. Then leave this loser and go be the badass you know you are. Your daughter will be better off in a home without him.

Why would you want to forget? This man has violated your trust and your health and your family's safety. He's done it before and he will do it again. So you want that to be the relationship model your child grows up seeing? Leave him. As posted above: say nothing, document *everything!*, get consultations with lawyers and choose the one you feel most confident with, assemble *all* financial documents, get your support network informed and ready, prepare new housing options.

What I understand from your writing is you still want to be with your husband but you are hurting with his behavior. You want your baby to have a Dad too. Leaving is not easy the way people say it. Staying isn’t easy too, but you have to choose your hard wisely. If you leave him today will you be able to stay away and not look stupid and desperate by going back to him again when it gets tough. If you decide to stay you need to start making a good exit plan and make sure he doesn’t even suspect you while you gather things together like what the other ladies mentioned. Make sure to vent too so you don’t get into depression. All the best dear.

I forgot to ask was he like this during courtship? How did you find about him cheating? Does he know you are aware?

He cheated with a friend of his brothers girlfriend so his brothers girlfriend told me everything. He knows I suspect but not that I know everything

Omg I’m so sorry like wtf! That’s so horrible that his brothers girlfriend knows and is even telling you about it… imagine how many other people know? This is the problem with cheating. Not only is it hurtful, a huge act of betrayal and also dangerous but it’s also DISRESPECTFUL!! Like he’s supposed to be protecting his family but instead he’s disrespecting you all! Ugh so angry for you

You should tell him you know

Unpopular opinion: he may not be a good husband but that says nothing about his ability to be a dad to his daughter. It’s about her. Not about you all. Again, just an opinion, I’m all for the divorce and shared custody but plotting against him for full custody is unnecessary

Psh I’d wreck his life if I were you

I'm sorry your going through this. If I were you I would start getting a relationship with Jesus. Asking for his help and having your husband pray with you. A Man of God don't cheat bc he knows he has to answer to God and could wind up in hell. I know so many turn away when I mention Jesus. But he truly saves. And a woman just wants her family and to feel secure. As long as he's in the world playing games he's not gonna change and no baby needs to see their daddy hurting mommy. If your not happy then the baby won't be either. You need to go to God as a unity so he can save it. I now your situation can change with Jesus. I've been through so much and our family is happy now. Better then I ever expected. And it can change for you as well.

It does sound like you want to stay, I feel like people are so fast to leave their relationships, you can inbox me

If you wanna stay please get ready for further embarrassment and people knowing that your man sleeps with other women behind your back and continues to disrespect you… I don’t think anyone deserves that but honestly people say we’re too quick to leave relationships, I just think women are able to stand up for what’s right and not allow men to continue to hurt them💖♥️ Many of our great grandmas & grandmothers probably would’ve left too but society was not kind to women back then Wishing you the best, I know it won’t be easy and it’ll be long asf but honestly remember that you’re someone daughter, someone pride and joy, someone shining light and someone’s mother xx

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