First Trimester Exhaustion & Working Out

I lost a total of 70 pounds and have been maintaining it over the last three months. I found out I was pregnant so my weight is going change of course lol but, this is my second pregnancy and I do not want to gain as much weight as I did in the first pregnancy. The first pregnancy I ate literally whatever I wanted, especially chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s were my go to. And I gained almost 50 pounds during that pregnancy. This time around, I wanted to continue the momentum of being healthy and I find myself completely exhausted. Too exhausted to work out. I haven’t been to the gym in almost a month. my question is, has anyone worked out during the first trimester and how did you overcome the exhaustion?
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I did that with my last baby, weight stayed off, I had been so sick though… would NOT recommend pushing the limits all through pregnancy bc I ran into low birth weight and some other complications. I’m pregnant again bc I’ll have 2 under 2 so this time I make sure to get enough rest. For context we adopted a puppy last pregnancy so I was up all hours taking her out and walking her until I had the baby. So much work, but the weight was gone… that’s for sure.

I've been trying to work out but I've accepted that probably won't happen until I'm out of the 1st trimester. My body is so weak and so tired. The most I can do is walk my dogs. Be patient with yourself and focus on whole foods if possible.

I'm 8-week and trying to walk 15-30 every day. I do have some 15-20 minutes YouTube videos for 1 trimester workouts saved and I'll do on days I have more energy. But yeah, I'm planning to get back into my regular workouts as my energy comes back. As far as food, I'm trying to have a bunch of small, healthy snacks throughout the day. Or healthier snacks haha sometimes it's potato chips with avocado spread, nut and fruit mix or whole fruit/veggies. This helps me from over eating at my next meal

I’ve been working out at least 5 days a week prior to finding out I was pregnant so my dr encouraged me to keep going and that my body will give me signs when I need to pull back. This week I started taking it easier and went to a barre class and yoga class instead of a HIIT class. I did do a spin class on Tuesday and felt like my heart was beating out of my chest so I did pull back and that’s when I cancelled the HIIT class. I also have been swimming which feels great, but it does pull on my stomach muscles, doesn’t hurt but I feel a pulling sensation so I’m being mindful of that. Does anyone else feel the pulling in the stomach area?

I love working out & was doing so 6 days a week pre-pregnancy. This first trimester is kicking my butt, so whether I workout or not is just taken day by day. You’ll feel when you’re ready again, you got this!

Right now I’m doing one really easy youtube first trimester work-out (highly recommend the pregnancy and postpartum tv channel), 2 barre classes and a zumba class a week. Although I feel tired, nauseous, and everything in between, I actually feel none of it while working out! Maybe try one day and see how you feel after abd listen to your body :)

i still go to the gym most days of the week (i’m only 4 weeks tho 😂) my last pregnancy i stayed my ass in bed. this pregnancy i refuse to do that since i think it lead to complications in my birth. i did some research (ofc do your own) & found that some pre works are safe for pregnancy and there even are a few that are made for pregnancy. This has helped me so much energy wise. you do have to make sure you’re not consuming any more caffeine other than the pre work out tho!

Thank you everyone! I signed up for a yoga class today, we’ll see how I feel but I def told myself I need to start something!

@Miah thank you! I think because I am so used to being on a workout routine that not being able to workout as normal has me going a little crazy. I do need to be patient and as exhausting as the first trimester is, hoping it gets better once I pass this stage

@Ale what’s the name of this video? Easy sounds like what I need right now lol I tried a yoga class and I think taking classes I may be better off cause I’m too tired to have self direction at the gym

@Lorelai you’re right! We both got this. I LOVED working out as well and here I am always laying down on the couch lol I did the yoga and think I’m going to try and take more classes. I am too tired to do it on my own like I used to


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