When did you go into labour after having constant period like cramps? (Have them since this morning) does that mean Labour is close? Soooo fed up of being pregnant at this point haha
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I started Tuesday and then had baby at 7am this morning. But It can vary from a few hours to days x

@Gemma was it constant and did it get stronger? x did you know it’s coming ? xx

Mine have just been constant and dull since Tuesday afternoon and not change

They got stronger around midnight, but irregular. Anything between 5-10 mins each time but lasting around 1 min each. I was 9cm dilated when I got to triage with contractions around 5/6 mins apart 😅

I’ve also been the same too today and wondering this also! I’ve had period pains all day that hasn’t really stopped and then been getting really obvious tightenings on top of it on and off. Update me pls if anything changes for you 🤞🏼

Mine started in the morning and I went into labour in the evening!

My cramping was light and irregular at 6am and my waters trickled I was admitted to hospital with contractions (every 1-3 minutes for >1 hour) at 6.30pm and I was 6cm dilated I was 10cm dilated at 11.30pm Delivered at 1.30am Total 19.5hrs from the mild cramping at the start

@Megan how are you getting on? I’ve got bad back and pelvic pain can barely walk!🫠😅

I’m similar.. I have period cramping still and on and off tightenings and had a ‘bloody show’ (like brown colour) this evening too!

Went for a sweep on monday lost mucus plug (i think) on Tuesday had the constant aches but no sign yet will go for another sweep on Saturday

Tuesday 4.30pm so I went to hospital at 5.30pm and he was born 6.48pm 😅 cancelled my elective c section, didn’t have time for an epidural to come round so birth plan was out the window and ended up having a vaginal birth with abit of gas and air. From the moment my “period pain” contractions started at home to him being born was just over 2 hours

@Megan my water just broke! Hopefully it will come soon for you as well

Oh wow that’s amazing!! Good luck!! How many weeks are you and did your cramps continue last night and today before your water went?? I’ve had absolutely nothing today and no cramping whatsoever.. feel so disappointed and ugh today 😓

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