Walk shoes for daycare

Has anyone used these shoes for there LO that is still learning to walk? I'm looking for a pair of indoor shoes for my LO for daycare that can still allow her to feel and move around well since she's always bare foot at home.
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They’re best being barefoot and being able to feel everything under their feet. Our daycare only puts shoes on then if they’re going outside they prefer them barefoot indoors . I have not used the ones pictured but as long as you can fold them in half and they’re very flexible they are excellent first shoes for learning how to walk

I got some of these from Temu / Shein for the beach. They’re brill. I would advice having no your little one’s feet measure first. I have Clark’s for nursery as they’re out in most weathers and these would mean his socks would be wet in second xx

I have a pair similar and only use them if I know we’ll be outside, otherwise my son is always barefoot but he can easily kick these shoes off like socks

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