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Does anyone else have times where they just feel so unnatural at being a mum? I try and follow the blissful baby routine and I find if I go off track and don’t know how to fix it I feel a failure and get so anxious at the thought of things going wrong. I feel totally overwhelmed and overstimulated at the moment and I’m finding motherhood a battle at this age , can anyone relate or offer any advice? 😭
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thank god i am not alone. Thank you for sharing this❤️

Firstly you’re doing a fab job! It’s blimming hard and there’s nothing that could have prepared us for this! I’m in no way telling you what to do but have you considered maybe not sticking to such a routine? Babies are so unpredictable what can work one day might not the next, they may feed less one day or sleep less I’ve found with our babe so I just roll with it. I have found this so much easier than when I tried to implement a routine at the beginning that way nothing is going off track if you like. Don’t be so hard on yourself x

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