EBF not taking bottle

Hey yall! I had my little girl about a week ago and since the hospital she has been exclusively breast fed. In the beginning my plan was to breast feed as well as pump so she can take a bottle. Thankfully I have had no issues with production so this wouldn’t be an issue, other than the fact that my girl WILL NOT under any circumstances take a bottle. Every time it comes near her or touches her lips she gets fussy and cries. Her dad has tried as well as me. We have tried feeding her in a position similar to what I BF at. Tried a few different bottles. Even experimented using formula once. Nothing seems to work. Any advice from anyone who’s been in the same situation? Thank you🥲
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I’ve heard that putting her on the breast for a minute or so, then swapping out for the bottle sometimes helps. That way, they’re not fussy because they’re super hungry anymore. My son is EBF with a bottle here and there. He likes Evenflo and Lansinoh bottles.

My 10 month old just won't take one. I've given up. We have started open cup drinking, though, and it's going great. I noticed that he would take a fast flow nipple for a little bit but even decided that was too much work

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