Cradle cap and hair loss

Hey my LO is 4 months and he still has quite abit of cradle cap. I’ve got the frida cradle cap remover that I use once a week and I’ll brush his hair now and again to help loosen the flakes however a lot of them are really stubborn. Is it best to just leave them? He’s losing quite a lot of hair due to this aswell like sometimes it will come out in clumps with the flakes ☹️ is this normal??
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My boys the same, I’m just leaving it x

I have heard normal conditioner is good and then a nit comb but I haven’t got round to trying it yet x

I’ve done a post on this but I’ve just been using this Nalas Baby Nightime oil on his once before bed after his bath and leaving it alone other than that. His has almost completely gone in three days. It’s amazing x

Try Dentinox shampoo - my LBs cleared up in a week

Sorry forgot to say use with the Frida cradle cap remover!

Organic coconut oil massaged in with a silicone massager or Nalas Baby night time oil are great x

I put baby oil on my sons hair and comb it (he has a good amount of hair) he never got bad cradle cap but I done that once and his never had it since!

Aloe Vera petroleum jelly got rid of it for me when baby oil didn’t

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