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Hey, I’m 27 and have two little boys one 3 years old almost 4 and one turning 1 in a week. Don’t have any friends in Glasgow and would love to make some mummy friends and so would my babies . If anyone would like to go for walks in the park and cafe dates let me know ☺️☺️
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Where are you? I'm north Lanarkshire not far from Glasgow. I'm 27 as well and have a little girl who's 2 in august! Xx

@Danielle Hey, I’m around Braehead and work around Partick! So I’m not too sure if it’s far from anything xx

Do you drive? I drive and braehead isn't all that far maybe 20/30 mins xxx

I run a mums walking group at Glasgow Green every two weeks. Always a lovely bunch of mums. We walk for an hour then go for a hot drink x Xx

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