Potty training

Is anyone else starting potty training? Our little one is dryer for longer, will tell me when needs a wee/poo. Is happy to sit on the potty.. until he needs to go! He tells me he needs a wee, gets all jumpy but will refuses to sit on the potty when it’s time to go. Anyone going through similar? Should I put it off for a bit?
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We are the same. Still on it though. In our case we observed that he’s better when left alone for some time as he supposedly doesn’t like being watched (we think). It’s better for wee, poos are a drama. We are on day 4

Currently on day 10 and no accidents since day 1 luckily, but she will not go on the potty for a poo. She gets upset and refuses to go even though she asks to sit on the potty.

@Manisha I had a bit more success after posting this and he’s gone on the potty twice, it’s been a lot of back and forth but I also think our little one doesn’t like being watched either. Are you staying home while you potty train? If not, what do you do when you go out?

@Sophie well done on no accidents. Are you able to share what’s worked for you??

We have had a potty in the house for months for her to just use when she wants with no pressure. Then we just decided to jump straight in and took nappies away (except for sleep). For the first couple of days we stayed at home and we were just constantly asking her if she wants to use the potty. Then after that we put her in clothes (mainly dresses) that were easy for her to go to potty in and knickers. Bought a travel potty for out of the house and that’s about it really. Now we are at a point where we don’t have to ask her if she needs a wee she just tells us she wants to go and takes herself. We praise her lots for using the potty and she gets so excited haha. Just the poo problem to solve 😅 x

Glad to hear you’re making progress. We don’t go out for long duration yet. Also we try to take him to places that have a toilet. Yesterday we were out for 2hrs or so and he asked to go when we were out. Thankfully, he did his business there (with minimal crying involved). I’ve now ordered a folding travel potty seat, encouraged by yesterday’s incident. I’ve seen some parents carrying carrypotty to playground and day out. Not sure yet if I’ll buy that. Will see how things progress By the way, last 2 days he doesn’t want to put the nappy on even at night.

Nappy in the bottom of the potty can help with going for a poo, also makes the clean up a lot easier!

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