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Baby girl is due in August and will be requiring a nursery position due to myself and my partner being in work. Does anyone know when I should start enquiring? Any good recommendations local to, currently live in ST6 (chell/ Packmoor area) Thanks x
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When will you be wanting her to start? Xx

With the new funding coming into play, id be enquiring/applying now. My LO was born in July, I needed her to start in January, and I secured her place last April, before she had even arrived. The best places fill up!

I viewed when I was pregnant and secured babies place with a second viewing when he was 3 months old. He will be starting November. The nursery I chose said that the amount of enquires they had and the day’s requirements was getting really busy as everyone was jumping with the new funding coming in x

We secured a place when I was 35 weeks pregnant, we got the last spot for January 2025s take in. It’s mad busy for places!

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