Pregnancy test reading

Hello everyone, I took a pregnancy test yesterday. Results in 1mn, it was negative. But then, 15 mn later, another line started to appear, but not in the center. What do you think? Thank you!
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I would take a digital test to be safe! Not sure if it means pregnant if it's off to the side

I would say take another just to be sure of any results because the line looks out of place. I’m not sure if that means faulty test or not?

Typically you're not supposed to read the test after that much time! Best to take another to be safe.

I would also say test again, and if you can get a pink dye test that would be even better🙂

Faulty/unclear/inconclusive Do another test and ensure you only read results within the prescribed timeframe Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 you get the result you're hoping for - what ever that may be.

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