Multivitamin for bby

What vitamin are y’all giving your 8month olds
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Just vitamin D as my son is still EBF

You shouldn’t give the baby any other supplements unless the pediatrician recommends it


If you are bf you should still be taking prenatals or taking a postnatal which gives them their multivitamin and formula itself is a multivitamin

@Kamari 💛 my son is 8months and after 6months there’s a vitamin they have to take as recommended by my pediatrician. Just wanted to see which everyone else was taking

That’s interesting, I haven’t heard of it. My daughter wasn’t recommended to start anything but solids with extra servings of whole grains since she was bf at her 6 months appointment and was told she looked great and was developing well and to continue doing what we were doing at her 9 month appointment.

I don't give me daughter multivitamins, but I do recommend giving different fruits, vegetables, and fiber filled foods that will boost the baby immune system.

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