Is waxing safe during pregnancy? I want to do it (bikini) but I’m scared since the baby’s near that area ! My baby’s head is already head down and I’m a little nervous about it… thoughts?
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Babies head is no where near where you’ll be waxed, totally safe!

I did all through my last pregnancy and I have so far during this one as well. My waxer actually said she starts waxing people a lot of times for the first time while they a pregnant

Okay girls thank you!

Never tried it, always been afraid 😳

I had a Brazilian last week and first wax of the pregnancy. Boy it hurt so bad. But I would do it again. Lol.

Yep, I’m getting waxed in a few weeks

In “what to expect” app about a week ago for me in the tips it recommended waxing since it’s now getting much harder to see past the belly to shave. I thought it was a great idea. I haven’t done it in about a year or so and was thinking to schedule an appointment.

I just got a Brazilian and was fine! Take a Tylenol before!

I recommend it! Start now while you can because we’re generally a lot more sensitive down there because of the pregnancy so you’ll want to build some of that tolerance and make it less difficult the earlier you start. First one is always the worst but it gets better. I started around 12 weeks and it’s been getting better since!

@Terica same. I’m going to Make my appointment

Thanks ladies! I think I’ll just do a bikini wax first. I don’t know if I’m ready a Brazilian

@Nicki ooh I agree! I’ve been getting waxed consistently for 6+ years and the pain in general isn’t that bad. It’s also only 5-10 minutes. But when I’m pregnant… ooh holy hell it is not pleasant. I was told our body holds onto hair more when pregnant & on our periods. I still suggest it! It’s the best thing I do every month. I’m currently 24 weeks and can’t see down there so it’s a must at this point either way 🤣

I just had a Brazilian at 19 weeks…it’s always hard to tell if it’s more painful bc I’m preggo or because it’s been a while lol…either way, perfectly safe for bb, perhaps a bit uncomfy for you, but worth it afterwards

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