Toddler stage

Anyone else finding it difficult with their toddler at this stage? I'm feeling burnt out tired and having bad mood swings. I love my girl so much but it's really tough with her at the moment.
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Oh yes. Everything’s a breakdown and I’m eight months pregnant so I’m exhausted on top of it. I just keep reminding myself that this isn’t forever and really Try to enjoy the cute moments in between.

Mom of 2 y/o twin girls who try my patience on the daily. 🙏🏾

oh my goodness my son is entering the picky stage and i’m 2 months pregnant as well he’s been having freaking meltdowns and it drives me insane 😭 i give him 2min to get his shi together before i correct him

@Amber yes being pregnant while having the terrible twos is exhausting

Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.. I have nothing but admiration for you mama's pregnant and having twins the same age. ❤️

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