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How to get nursing baby to sleep in their own bed? We’ve coslept since he was born and he still wakes up in the night to nurse. i’m so unsure about how to go about this. i have to lay down with him when i’m nursing him to sleep because if i do sitting up and try to lay him down he wakes up.
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I found “The Happy Sleeper” at the library after months of tumultuous sleep (including cosleeping and not) and we’ve had a lot of success with that method. The first few nights will be tough - so you HAVE to be ready to commit and stick with it, but by the 3rd night he slept 12 hours in his crib and now he loves going to bed. He actually pushes me away when I try to rock him now and just wants to go to sleep in bed 😂 Good luck! It’s hard but it’s so worth it on the other side when everyone is sleeping

I nurse him upright, sing to him, rock him... And if that's not working.... Then we bedshare 😅😅😅 honestly what's worked for us is to not always bedsharing.... And also to move him when he's passed out completely

The thing about putting baby into the crib.... Is you have to slowly pour them out of your arms... Either on their back.... Or on their side

If that makes sense

@Megan is it glorified sleep training?

@Raqi kind of. But you check on them every 5 minutes so they know you haven’t abandoned them. But they explain lots of nuances and how to handle night feedings etc. I really do think he just needed to learn how to soothe himself to sleep. Before I was just a crutch he relied on and now he’s a champ at it. from a pediatrician blog, a review of sleep wave sleep training, aka the happy sleeper

One thing that I do is actually get into her bed and nurse her to sleep laying down, then once she's asleep I can slip out without waking her.

following bc im in the same boat lol

Honestly I had to Co sleep with my 11 month old until recently. I used to put her in her crib dead ass asleep and I’m just now getting to a point where I can put her down In her crib but it’s a battle

What I did is I started nursing her/ giving her the bottle downstairs or in another room or sitting up at least and then in 20ish minutes I put her in her crib on her belly (she’s a belly sleeper) and then I pat her back and rub her back and try to soothe her to sleep. We’re just now getting to a place where it’ll work most times. Not always. And I’m not gonna lie, it was HELL at first until she started recognizing this is going to bed her sleep spot. I still bring her into bed in the middle of night wakings and I can usually get her back into her crib once she’s passed out and go back to bed

And then try extended the time between nursing and then putting them to bed. That was the same mistake I made and she associated our room and bed with breastfeeding so instead of sleeping, she had to be on the boob so I didn’t sleep

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