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hiya loves, I’m looking for some good websites for daily/weekly astrology reports (not necessarily horoscopes, unless they’re more specific than just using sun sign). There were a few accounts I followed on ig but trying to get rid of a lot of socials. Thanks in advance 💋 🤗
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Co-Star! It tells you your full chart and it is so spot on! Tells you your daily do's and don't's and daily advice specifically for your chart. It's amazing it does all that and much more!

Love co-Star! And you should download Star/Child for you & your kiddos charts!

@Hannah ouuu I'll have to get this one too!!

@Courtney @Hannah thank you downloading them now!

Astromatrix and The Pattern are the best apps. for website. Costar sucks and most astrologers don't recommend it. They don't even have real astrologers.

My husband really loves Red Robe Astrology. He also has a weekly podcast.

The pattern is great!

The CHANI app is great!

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