Tiba & Marl - Buggy Organiser

Does anyone have either of these and do you recommend? I can’t decide between the two. I’ve currently got a momcozy one but it doesn’t have enough storage and the Velcro strap has already broken on one side 😒
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I hve a tiba and marl rucksack Best thing ever interms of storage Small insulated bottle compartment tho. I am ebf anf sometimes express while out s it holds a bottle in there till i can get in for a fridge.

@Kady ah perfect, I ebf as well as expressed bottles so the insulated compartment is handy! Think I’m going to go for the bigger one so I can use as a small changing bag for little trips

Yeah it also comes with a changing mat, and a crossbody which doubles as a wet bag. In my rucksack I have so much space left. And i take 3 full outfits like 8 nappies. Pumping stuff. Two bottles. Sterilising tablets. Nappy sacks. Sometimes a laptop too. Red book. Socks. Bibs. Toys. Teether. And its still half empty. So if im out you could still fit water and some snacks in. And still have space. So i imagine as the baby clothes get bigger the space will shrink 🤣 I likeeee this one you added a picture of though 😏😏😏

I have the top one, still waiting for baby to arrive but I purchased after I saw someone on TikTok pack it and what they fit inside. I love the look of it on my pram & the fact it’s half the size of usual bags but has loads of storage, yet to find out if it works practically but I’d recommend based off that.

@Kady have you got a link for which rucksack you got? I’ve got a 3.5 year old as well so it sounds like it’d be perfect to fit in a lunch for her as well as everything else

@Georgia Nwabuko yeah I’ve gone with the top one as well! I don’t have TikTok so didn’t see that but I searched for one with lots of storage and it came up 😅 I’ve gone with the sage to match my pram!

I’ve got the Tiba and marl one and absolutely love it. I’ve also got the backpack but decided to get the smaller one to use if just popping out and don’t need everything and I use it everyday. One of my best buys x

@Brenda yeah course https://tibaandmarl.com/products/elwood-twin-changing-backpack-black?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu4i1vcCShgMVk42DBx3A5AUFEAQYAiABEgLljvD_BwE

And the pram hooks are sold seperately https://tibaandmarl.com/products/t-m-buggy-clips-gunmetal?pr_prod_strat=pinned&pr_rec_id=700b600c3&pr_rec_pid=6761761144885&pr_ref_pid=4626766364725&pr_seq=uniform

Actually no thats the twin one I have this one https://tibaandmarl.com/products/elwood-changing-backpack-black?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuun05MCShgMVjKeDBx3cex9iEAQYBiABEgKxQvD_BwE

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