Thumb sucking

My LG has started to suck her thumb now and then. She won’t take a dummy. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop her doing this? I used to suck my thumb as a kid and remember how hard it was to stop, so would rather she didn’t suck her thumb if I can help it
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My lo takes a dummy (we've given since fairly early) but in the last week or so, seems to be favouring her thumb. I'm letting her use it for now, as it does help to soothe her to sleep, but also not sure if I should be stopping it...

Mine also doesn't take a dummy no matter how much we've tried, he sucks on his hands instead but to be honest with you, I'm trying to see it as a positive, his hands are always there when he needs them so I don't need to wake up to put his dummy back in at night 🤣 and also I won't deal with having to take the dummy away later on which I also know is a pain in the ass. He'll grow out of suckling on his hand eventually, I don't know any older kids/teens/adults sucking on their thumbs, so we'll be fine 🤣

My little boy has always refused the dummy but I finally managed to get him to take a nuk dummy! It took a lot of perseverance and he did initially spit it out quite a few times but I just offered it when I noticed him putting his hands in his mouth after a feed when I knew he was full but still sucking his hands etc. he's not bottle fed so it took a lot to be able to get him to understand the suction he needed to keep the dummy in so I'd have to wiggle the dummy in his mouth a bit and lightly hold it or tap the back of it then eventually he would take it sometimes (he often still refuses it or spits it out but I only started two days ago!) obviously I don't advise the dummy being forced in or held in and if he gags on the dummy I take it away and try him again later.

It’s a really positive thing that your little one has found their thumb! They are self Soothing, they will stop when they are ready too ☺️

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