Struggling to drink anything unless it’s fizzy

Is anyone else struggling to drink anything, I’m 9+6 & have had no nausea or really any symptoms but I can’t stomach anything unless it’s fizzy (mostly iron bru which I know has caffeine in it so I am only having one a day), finding it really stressful as I’m usually drinking 2-3 litres of water a day🥲 I’ve even tried dilute juice & I can’t stomach that either but I feel like I can’t keep drinking litres of fizziness
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I've found cucumber chopped up in water, boiled water and weak squash have been good ways to get the water in. Also eating veggies with high water content helps - I feel your pain though its a nightmare trying to get drinks down

Fizzy water and lemon, honestly saved me last pregnancy, all I ever wanted was fizzy drinks and I found that so refreshing and I didn't feel guilty when I had it 🤣

I’ve been obsessed with lucozade for the past month and have been drinking a lotttt of it just to keep something down! Honestly as long as you’re feeling better and keeping fluids down that’s the most important thing! This is my second baby and my first child turned out just fine and I was obsessed with drinking Diet Coke 24/7 with him!

I've found the volvic lemon water nice. I am struggling with squash but can't keep buying the volvic either .

Thank you everyone!! I’ll try some of these suggestions

I’m the same - I’ve never drunk so much pop. I’ve been trying out different flavoured sparkling waters and also using plain fizzy water or soda water when making squash to try and cut down on the pure sugar intake!

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