Carparal Tunnel Syndrome

Hi Mamas, this is my first pregnancy. I’m 16w pregnant and since 5 days I have acute pain in my both my wrists and thumb. It worsens when I sleep. I looked it up and apparently 31% to 62% of pregnant women have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s so painful that even small tasks like typing on keyboard or tying my hair hurts! 😔 when will this go away? With this pain how will I hold and feed the baby? 😞 any movement of hand causes immense shooting pain. Anyone else who’s experienced this and give me hope this goes away?
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Hi, I'm 31 weeks and still experiencing it. I now use wrist braces while awake and asleep which helps tremendously. An urgent care Dr gave me a referral to a get a localized steroid shot but I was gun shy about that.

Hi @May I can feel your pain 😞 when did it start for you?

Hi sandy! I had this badly and could barely pick anything up but it went around 8 weeks post partum! Wearing a brace helped a lot! X

I have suffered CTS before but it’s worse in pregnancy. Sometimes it’s pain but more often it’s numbness, pins and needles or weakness. The amount of times I’ve dropped a glass of water in the night, as you say it’s worse when I sleep. I’m hoping it gets better once baby is here

@Lucy I can imagine the paid. how were you able to hold and feed the baby?

Hey. I had this in one wrist during my pregnancy and it felt awful. Thankfully it went pretty much straight after baby was born/I was too exhausted to notice it! I hope that you find ways to manage the pain and that it goes away for you quickly once baby arrives.

@Faye thanks Faye. The pain is awful :( I’m praying it goes away soon or atleast as soon as the baby is born ..

@sandy I think it started between 17-20 weeks. I don't even remember

Yes I had this and it only went away after I had my baby. I did however notice if I slept wearing a wrist brace it made the next day less severe.

Hi lovely I had this with my previous pregnancy I found wearing west braces helped and can honestly say by the time baby was here it was like it vanished. No problems since xx


I had this during my pregnancy it was worse some weeks than others. But was much better within a few days of baby being here and completely gone in a few weeks :)

I’m also experiencing this, thought I was the only one! It’s so awful! Mine started 17/18 weeks I’m 20 weeks now. It’s so so painful, sometimes I can’t even push the light off or open the door handle because my hands/wrists hurt so much x

@Megan I know the pain you’re talking about, I feel you 😭

@Jessica @Olivia @Emm I just bought a wrist splint and I hope it reduces some pain. Def going to sleep with it on. Praying it disappears when the baby comes coz how will I hold and feed the baby 😢

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