Copper coil experiences?

Does anyone use the copper coil as a contraceptive and can share their experience - good or bad! Particularly interested in anyone who's used it whilst breastfeeding, did it affect your supply?
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Just recently had it in for about a month now, my first period lasted 2 weeks and had more dull aching than normal. I'm also breastfeeding but she's been weaning so supply has been dropping anyways x


I loved it, I'd tried multiple different pills and had 2 of the arm implants since turning 16 and finally took to plunge to get the copper coil as its not hormonal (so shouldn't affect milk supply either) even though I had some people say horror stories. It was best thing I ever did and will get it again after baby is born. It made my period heavier but it lasted less days. It was uncomfortable to put in but not as bad as Internet makes it out and it lasts soooo long! I'd say speak to your GP see if it's best option for you 🙂

It’s a great method of contraception, there’s about 0.1% failure rate! Shouldn’t affect milk supply, but you are at higher risk of uterine perforation if it’s fitted while you are breastfeeding as your uterus is still soft and spongy (approx 6x the risk of a woman who isn’t breastfeeding) x

I had one a few years ago. Randomly fell out after 6 months or so. It was pretty painful to have it inserted and my husband said he could feel the strings when we were having sex so I didn’t have it redone

It was amazing, definitely recommend as it doesn't contain any hormones 🙂. It took about 4 months for my periods to settle (heavier flow and more pain) but I'd definitely have it done again

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