Restrooms and babys/toddlers?

I just experienced a restroom emergency and im wondering how do yall do it when yall have to go, and have your toddler or little one with you? I was alone and my baby is 1 and 2 months and he still isnt walking There was nowhere to sit him literally had to do my buisness with him standing next to me He kept crying because he wanted to touch things around amd ofcourse that was a big no no! I mean besides having a stroller how do yall do it? Cant take a heb or walmart cart into the stall..💁🏻‍♀️😭
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I put him in my lap and give him something to fiddle with, if you don't have any toys I'll unroll the first layer of TP and give him a clean square to rip up. Then don't creative gymnastics when you're done. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

I've often wondered this myself! I've seen the bathrooms that have a seat you can buckle them into while you go. That should be more of a norm in family restrooms, but I've only ever seen it in that one.

If you're super lucky some public family restrooms have started putting in little safety seats which are essentially high chair seats strapped to the wall to safely contain your child while you go. Not very common in the u.s. yet but they're starting to appear

@Kristy agree!!! This would be of so much help for us moms💕

She goes with me if I’m alone. She likes following me around and I figure its good for her to see someone use the toilet so that she understands when its time to potty train

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