Bonjela for teething

Little one going through it with teething currently, we're using variations of calpol, nurofen and teething powder with teething toys. Recently had someone recommend bonjela teething gel, has anyone used this before and was it effective?
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I use it and it's so effective, works instantly

@Natalya sounds great, does it last a while?

Anbesol is the only thing that works for us

The tube lasts a couple weeks and is inexpensive. If his teething isn't too bad the effects last 1-2 hours or more. If its more severe then I have to reapply sooner

@Natalya thank you , I'll pick some up and give it a go x

Anbesol liquid was only thing that worked for us, we found gel sat on top and didn’t penetrate the same way liquid did x

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