Arm bands or swim vests

Guys we’ve always used arm bands and rubber rings etc but I keep seeing a lot more of these swim vests and just wondering if these are better to have rather than armbands with or without the ring too? I have a 5 year old and then my almost 3 year old July 21 bubs… Thanks!
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My almost 3 year old uses vest and armbands and can swim around the pool with me swimming next to him there great support :)

Ooh I was wondering this for when we’re next on holiday! I was going to give a vest a try!

We used a vest on holiday this year and it was great, he was happily jumping in the pool. They just look more comfortable than armbands which I feel look cumbersome as their arms have to stick out and he'd only try to pull them off!

@Laura Where did you buy yours from?

@Chloe I got a splash about one but got it on vinted for half price😊

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