Has anyone had a period after giving birth or a c section? I’m 4weeks PP and have been combi feeding LO, not had any bleeding for over a week or so and have woken up today with some when I wipe. I was got a bit anxious about this as I had gone for a walk yesterday and could have possibly overdone it but also think it could be a period as well because of the timings.
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I went through the same, stopped bleeding at about 3 weeks, was fine for the whole week and at 4 weeks I started to see blood while wiping again. I thought it was my period coming back so I put on a pad and spotted a little but nothing more. Back to not bleeding the next day and haven’t bled since. May just be a little left over blood.

My bleeding calmed down. Yesterday my p3riod started I b3lieve as I was getting cramping. Then saw dark blood. I'm 5wks pp

I had my first one 4 weeks pp after emergency c section. I was expressing and formula feeding. I had cramps but losing a lot and had paramedics sent out to me. Luckily didn’t have to go in and it only lasted 5 days. Even now 6 weeks pp I’m still getting the odd bit of bleeding. GP today said it can take up to 12 weeks to completely stop.

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