Struggling to make mum friends

I'm finding it way harder than I expected to make mum friends. I hoped I'd make some by just getting out to baby groups but I feel so socially awkward when I get to them and like people have already formed their cliques.
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So to hear you're struggling. It can be really hard and feel incredibly awkward with new social groups. This is alot easier to say than do, but do try bot overthink your actions and behaviours too, aswell as other peoples toom one of my best friends is INCREIBLY socially awkward, and took a long time for us to become as close as we are. I'm sure most other mums in mum groups etc are also feeling self conscious. It just takes time for these things to properly start to feel normal I think. I hope that makes sense and is of any help.

I know the feeling. I feel so self conscious of myself! I think it’s completely normal and trying to make new friends/connections as an adult and going through the whole new mum phase of your life is incredibly difficult. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat ❤️

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