When to introduce spoon

For mothers BLW when should we train our babies to use the spoon? Usually I try to give my LG the spoon full of food but she takes the food out and eat it by her hands 😅
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There’s no pressure as it can be 18 months by the time they master cutlery but I’ve been giving my LO a spoon for a few months now and she’s excellent now with preloaded spoons and when she’s in the mood she can scoop up certain foods and feed herself. So offer at every meal to give her the opportunity to try but don’t put pressure on it is what I’d recommend :)

@Yaz oh bless your LG 😍ok I will just keep offering her the spoon as also we eat together so she sees me how I am using it

Whenever! My LG actually prefers fork, I gave her one from the cutlery set months ago to play, sometimes I stab some food with it while she holds and now she's trying to do it herself (and is maybe 10% successful). Hands are completely fine and she eats most of her food with hands at the beginning and then I hand over cutlery for her to explore

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