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I’m due a visit from the health visitor next week. What do they check when they come to your home?
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So they are lovely, they just sit down in the living room and ask questions and make sure you know they will be visiting after the baby is born also. She didn’t ask to see anything but what I did do is show her around everywhere. It’s good to be open I think x

Is this pre or post baby? Pre they just come chat to you and get to know you and the support system you have, possibly look at baby’s sleep set up etc. Post is checks on baby and to check in on your physically/mentally

With our first, the pre baby check included seeing where baby would be sleeping. But it was only if it was already set up. They also asked a lot of safety questions, like how we planned to keep pets away from baby. That sort of thing ☺️

Mine came and sat in the living room, asked health related questions for me, dad and baby. Explained ahead of time was there for support and information regarding his health over the next 2 years. She weighed him and measured him and checked his jaundice levels (day 14) She also explained that you can opt out of the health visitor but obviously then don’t get the benefits of the support

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